Franklin County man saved youth program using his own retirement | Jefferson Awards

After COVID-19 almost forced the program to shut down, one man stepped up in a big way.

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. — From the sidelines to the competition mat, the Chambersburg Junior Trojans Youth Football and Cheer program, formerly the Chambersburg Steelers, boasts five decades of empowering youth athletes in the county.  

Glen May II became involved with the organization in 2017 when his son Blake was 9 years old. 

However, that didn’t last long for the man who has kept busy the past 16 years working full-time for Rite Aid Corporation as an installation manager.  

“Of course, I have to be involved.  I helped them out with marketing and then got on board, and it just grew from there,” May told FOX43.  

From dad, to now, president of the Junior Trojans, May quickly became determined to continue the program’s success. So, after being forced to shut down during COVID-19, he knew he had to act the following year.  

“The pandemic hurt.  A lot of businesses couldn’t donate, and families didn’t have any money, so I took a chance,” he said.

A chance, perhaps other people wouldn’t have taken. Glen dipped into his 401k retirement plan to keep the program afloat. 

“Most of our kids where we are located, they walk, because that’s all they have. They can’t afford extra so we can’t just raise prices. They don’t understand that, and they can’t pay it,” he said.

His savings were used to save the organization. His motive, all the while clear.  

“I thought it was worth it, and for that year it was, these kids had nothing. You just see the kids brighten up when they see that stuff,” Glen said.

His extraordinary acts of kindness got him nominated for a Jefferson Award not once, but twice. 

Part of the submissions reading, “If you ask him how many children he has, he’ll tell you 200. He knows the name and story for almost every single child and family in the organization and makes people feel wanted and cared for. If a kid can’t make it to practice or a game, Glen will find a way to help.  He is changing lives every single day.

And like most true heroes, he does so, without even realizing it.

“We have a great group of families. The organization can’t be without the families and the volunteers,” he said.

Glen said they are always looking for financial support and volunteers, so if you’d like more information on how to help, click here to visit their Facebook page.

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