Global dividends face a flat 2023: S&P

While the forecast is flat for aggregate global payouts, the report noted that U.S. corporate dividends are projected to grow by 3% in 2023 to US$706 billion.

“Overall, the five largest sectors by expected dividend payout — technology, energy, healthcare, industrials and banks — will together increase their payouts by 4%,” S&P said, adding that payouts are expected to grow by only about 1% in the other sectors.

In Europe, Germany is forecast to drive a 4.7% increase in dividends.

In the emerging markets, S&P sees stronger growth, with aggregate dividends expected to grow by 9% to US$620 billion, “with upstream oil and gas and banks players boosting payouts.”

Some of the world’s largest dividend payers, namely the U.K. and Japan, are expected to see their dividend payouts fall, weighing on the global total.

In particular, the basic resources sector is seen facing a “steep fall in aggregate dividends largely owing to the downtrend in commodity prices,” the report said. “Ongoing inflationary pressures on labour markets and energy costs are also expected to weigh on the sector’s payouts.”

Excluding Russia, S&P expects dividends in the global basic resources sector to drop by about 20% in 2023 to US$81.9 billion.