Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo are among Wall Street giants named as possible FTX creditors

  • The 116-page document connects some of the biggest names on Wall Street to FTX’s bankruptcy case. 
  • The list doesn’t disclose the size or kind of debts the collapsed crypto firm might owe the banks, Bloomberg reported. 
  • Other elite financial institutions on the list were Deutsche Bank, HSBC Bank and MUFG Bank. 

Newly released documents from FTX’s bankruptcy case name Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo and other Wall Street giants as possible creditors the cryptocurrency exchange might owe money following its collapse. 

The document filed on Wednesday is made up of 116 pages that list thousands of entries and redacted names of individuals, all of whom could be possible creditors to the exchange, Bloomberg reported. Other elite financial institutions on the list were Deutsche Bank, HSBC and MUFG Bank. 

The filing is standard procedure in bankruptcy processes to broadly alert as many actual and potential stakeholders who could pop up in FTX’s records for any reason, according to a Thursday statement filed by the crypto exchange’s lawyers to the court. 

“As a result, inclusion of a name on the Matrix does not necessarily indicate that the party is a creditor of any of the Debtors,” FTX’s lawyers wrote. Still, the latest development shows some sort of link between Wall Street’s biggest banks and the now-collapsed crypto empire built by Sam Bankman-Fried. 

Both Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank have distanced themselves from the crypto exchange so far, according to Bloomberg, with a representative from the former saying it had not filed a claim against FTX and the latter saying the German investment bank had no credit exposure to it. 

“Goldman Sachs has not filed a claim against the debtors,” a spokesperson for the bank told Bloomberg. “This type of creditor matrix is prepared by the debtors for the purpose of providing notice to interested parties in a bankruptcy proceeding and is not necessarily evidence of a creditor relationship.”

Meta, Apple, and Netflix were among the big names in the tech industry included in the list of possible creditors, as were some of the major commercial airlines, including United, American, Southwest and Spirit, the filing showed.

FTX recovered more than $5 billion in assets early January that could be used to repay creditors, a figure higher than the initial $1 billion-plus assets executives said they had tracked down in December. 

When the failed cr yto exchange went bust in November, a bankruptcy filing showed that it owed nearly $3 billion to 50 of its largest creditors — all of whom were customers. But the total number of creditors FTX is seen to have tops over a million.