Here's My Top Cryptocurrency to Buy in January

Given the fast-paced of the cryptocurrency market, it’s essential to stay on top of the latest trends and news. One cryptocurrency that has recently gained traction is Aptos (CRYPTO: APT). This token is a relatively new addition to the crypto world but it has already made quite an impression.

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Here’s My Top Cryptocurrency to Buy in January

Aptos is designed to provide a secure and reliable platform for digital asset trading and is supported by numerous exchanges. Its native token, which has the symbol APT, represents a key Layer 1 network that’s increasingly being viewed as a competitor to the Ethereum blockchain.

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The latest on Aptos

The token has experienced remarkable growth since its launch in October 2022. It’s up more than fourfold so far this year and has had a number of big daily gains during the past week. In fact, investors have grown accustomed to large, 20%-plus daily price changes.

This proof-of-stake blockchain was created as a Web3 adoption project and has gained significant attention due to its proprietary intelligent contract language developed by former Meta Platforms developers. 

With a three-part upgrade targeted for completion at the end of the first quarter, Aptos expects to significantly reduce its gas fees and increase its network efficiency. These features have only fueled excitement about the project and its associated token.

The completion of these upgrades is likely to be met with increased demand for the Aptos token from investors, making it a highly sought-after asset. Accordingly, with sentiment shifts being what they are in this sector, it’s also likely that token prices will be highly volatile, given how far it’s already run this year. 

Investors should be aware of this before investing in Aptos. Nonetheless, with the potential for further improvements on its network, Aptos is undoubtedly one crypto to watch as we enter 2023.

The cause of Aptos’ recent price rally

Last December, Aptos Labs made a move that sent its cryptocurrency prices soaring — an announcement that the project would be lowering its gas fees. This followed the community’s request for a better gas schedule to make transactions more affordable and efficient in the blockchain network. 

To fix this problem, Aptos developed a three-stage plan to decrease transaction costs by a factor of 10. Developers would work on improving operations and data structures, building a gas model specific to Aptos that separates storage costs from transaction execution costs.

The Aptos community welcomed the news with enthusiasm, which quickly spread and caused the price of Aptos to surge. The promise of lower fees and better efficiency set the stage for the impressive rally in the following months. Investors have been enthusiastic about the potential of this upgrade because it could open up new use cases in decentralized finance (DeFi) and other areas.

Since then, Aptos Labs has made progress toward its goals, releasing some updates and launching a testnet for its gas model. Investors have been placing their trust in the project, and Aptos’ price has continued to climb as they do so. This is an exciting time for holders of Aptos tokens, with speculation that the team’s efforts will bring more users and adoption to the network.


Aptos is an up-and-coming blockchain project that has recently attracted much attention. The development team’s commitment to improving the network and reducing fees has fueled investor confidence, resulting in sharp price gains. I think the recent momentum this project has seen is warranted, making this a compelling crypto to consider both from a fundamentals standpoint as well as a momentum perspective.

With the upcoming completion of its three-part upgrade, Aptos is expected to remain a hot asset for the foreseeable future. The project has met with great enthusiasm and is likely to continue receiving support as it innovates and improves. As we enter 2023, Aptos is sure to be one of the most-watched projects in the industry. 


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