It's not all gloom and doom on Wall Street. Here's where finance firms are still hiring.

Hiya! Dan DeFrancesco in NYC, and I’m wondering why someone would spend $1,000 for some dirty water from an amusement park ride

On tap, we’ve got stories on how much you can expect to get paid at a venture-capital firm, high-profile executives backing Thrive Capital, and some food shopping tips if you’re on a health kick.

But first, who’s hiring?

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1. Just do it. 

The new year is an opportunity to do a bit of a career self-evaluation: Am I happy at my job? Could I be making more money? Do I want to change industries?

For many on Wall Street, those questions are top of mind. Whether you were impacted by layoffs, disappointed by your year-end bonus, or just feeling uneasy about your job security, there’s lots of soul-searching in finance these days.

Insider’s finance team canvassed more than a dozen recruiters to get their takes on the job market. From investment banking to hedge funds to fintechs, here’s who’s hiring and who’s at risk of making more cuts.

But for those of you who are unhappy where you are, some unsolicited advice: 

Just go for it. 

Take a job at a competitor. Switch to a different team internally. Go to a startup. Leave finance altogether.

Whatever “it” is when it comes to your career, stop putting it off.

Why wait for the ax to fall? It’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees, as they say. 

If you’re working in finance, you also probably have a nice nest egg (unless you went a little too hard at Surf Lodge this summer), which gives you some cushion to take chances.

Finance is all about risk management, so maybe you’re worried your new career move will fail. That’s a possibility, but it’s not the end of the world.

Last year, as the wheels of the crypto bus were coming off, I spoke to a source about people reconsidering their move out of traditional finance to get into crypto. Wouldn’t it be tough for them to come back? Hadn’t they burned a bridge?

No, not at all, the source told me. Showing a willingness to take a chance on yourself and go somewhere else demonstrated the type of drive and leadership they valued, this person said. 

So go take a chance! Pitch your boss on switching to that new, exciting team. Finally, get that startup idea you’ve been mulling off the ground. Or maybe even apply to be on some trashy reality dating show.

Whatever “it” is, just do it. 

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. 

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In other news:

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