Morawiecki: “Ukraine will win this war, with or without Germany”

In an interview for the Polish Press Agency (PAP), Polish Prime Minister Matuesz Morawiecki has said that Ukraine and Ukraine’s closest allies cannot be held back by Germany’s “unacceptable” delays, in particular surrounding the delivery of German-made Leopard tanks.

Morawiecki said that Germany has adopted a policy of “Wandel durch Handel”, “change through trade”, effectively appeasing Russia with trade agreements hoping that Russia will change as a result. 

Morawiecki had harsh words for Germany’s Chancellor Scholz, saying that Germany was putting their economic interests, lucrative contracts with Russia, above the lives of Ukrainian people. 

Asked about German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius’ claim that Germany is not holding back delivery of much-needed arms to Ukraine, the Polish Prime Minister responded, “Then I would like to hear a statement of Germany’s unqualified support.”

Morawiecki asked rhetorically, “Does Germany plan to keep its arms in warhouses until Russia has conquered Ukraine?”

He said that Ukraine would win the war “with or without” German help, and, if necessary, Poland and other close allies would develop a smaller coalition of countries willing to deliver arms more quickly.

Source: PAP