Pluang Launches More Than 15 New Mutual Funds for Long-Term Investors

Jakarta. Wealthtech app Pluang recently launched more than 15 new mutual funds products, of which some are in partnership with investment managers Sucorinvest, Batavia, Eastspring, among others.

These new additions are to serve today’s retail investors’ preference towards long-term investment, which is mutual funds, amid global uncertainties. 

The Indonesian Central Securities Depository (KSEI) reported at the end of 2022 that mutual fund investors rose by over 40 percent in the past year. About 80 percent of the existing mutual fund investors, which amounted to 9.59 million as of 2022, came from fintech platforms. 

Pluang also reported that its users favored money market mutual funds and fixed-income market funds. These investors view mutual funds as a long-term investment that can give a stable return with low risks, at least during the first semester of 2023.


According to Pluang’s Head of Corporate Communications Kartika Dewi, the government’s recent lift of Covid-19 curbs and the campaigns ahead of the 2024 election can become a catalyst for a rally in large caps stocks in the second semester. These key moments can also spark aggressive growth for mutual funds.

“Going forward, investors can consider taking advantage of this potential moment to invest in equity funds,” Kartika said.

“With more than 15 new mutual funds, Pluang prepares investment asset choices based on the mutual fund performance, namely market cap, return, asset growth, and the managed funds,” Kartika added.

Pluang also enables retail investors to contribute to national development by investing in UOB Membangun Negeri (UDARi) — a mutual fund that focuses on government bonds and corporate bonds from state-owned enterprises.

“So Pluang users have the option to invest in quality investment products while also helping foster economic growth,” Kartika said.