Short Interest Sector Focus: Energy Sector

As of the close of business on Monday, 1/23, we captured the Top 10 Highest Short Interest % stocks within the Energy sector.

The average short interest for stocks within the Energy sector stands at 2.45%. Therefore, the below stocks are showing a more pessimistic outlook than their peers within the respective sector.

  • Vertex Energy Inc   VTNR   29.14%
  • Vital Energy   LPI   20.52%
  • Energy Fuels Inc   UUUU   18.58%
  • Uranium Energy Cor   UEC   16.4%
  • Cnx Resources Corp   CNX   14.52%
  • Tellurian Inc   TELL   14.31%
  • Tellurian Inc   TELL   14.31%
  • Arch Resources Inc    ARCH   11.83%
  • Silverbow Resource   SBOW   10.47%
  • Houston Amer Energ    HUSA   9.84%

Short Interest is the percentage of a stocks’ outstanding shares being sold short, which is utilized as a gauge for stock price sentiment. When short interest increases, this is generally considered a negative “bear” market indicator, whereas when short interest decreases, this is generally considered a positive “bull” market indicator.

The Short Interest Indicator is produced by Tidal Markets, in partnership with Benzinga Insights. The data represented is exclusive to short interest data amalgamated daily by Tidal Markets LLC and its underlying proprietary sources. The information contained herein should not be compared to, contrasted, or evaluated against other short interest data providers. ANY INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN DOES NOT CONSTITUTE OR IMPLY INVESTMENT ADVICE