Skybound Opens Itself to Public Investments

Comic book publisher and multimedia company Skybound Entertainment announced that it’s now open to public investment. The publisher of The Walking Dead and Invincible still isn’t publicly traded, but fans and investors can support Skybound Entertainment and potentially share in some of its success.

Robert Kirkman and David Alpert founded Skybound Entertainment in 2010. It’s best known as the publisher of the massively popular The Walking Dead comic book series, which spawned a hit TV show and numerous video game adaptations. Skybound’s other biggest franchise is Invincible, whose critically acclaimed Amazon Prime adaptation is already approved for two more seasons. In addition, the company’s subsidiary Skybound Games developed the last two episodes of The Walking Dead: The Final Season and published the modern console ports of Baldur’s Gate, Baldur’s Gate 2, Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear, Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment, and Neverwinter Nights.


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The Walking Dead publisher Skybound Entertainment released a YouTube video on January 23 announcing its call for investors. The company is still private, so shares won’t show up in the stock market. Instead, investors can buy company shares through the online investment platform Republic. The minimum investment is $500, and over 4,600 investors have already jumped at the chance, contributing well over $11.8 million. Skybound claims to have made over $5 million in revenue over the last 12 months, according to its listing on Republic, so it’s fair to say that Skybound’s search for investors is starting on the right foot.

Skybound’s announcement video focuses on the reasons to invest, including their hit comics and TV shows, 12 Walking Dead games, multiple Invincible games in development, and an extensive library of other intellectual properties. Skybound CEO David Alpert also said that opening the company to investment lets “superfans” connect with Skybound in a more direct sense. However, as Skybound and Republic’s legal disclaimer warns, investments are always a risk, and there is a chance that investors might never get their money back. “Superfans” and other prospective investors should consider seeking financial advice before jumping in.

Most people know Skybound as the publisher of Walking Dead and Invincible, both of which were written by co-founder Robert Kirkman. His other comics include the horror series Outcast and the comedy series Super Dinosaur, both of which have TV adaptations, the supernatural sci-fi series Oblivion Song, and the superhero series Fire Power. Skybound’s other writers and artists are also responsible for works in a wide range of genres, including a recent expansion into young adult graphic novels like The Walking Dead’s Clementine spinoff.

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Source: Skybound on Republic, GameSpot