The Long-Term Trend of Booz Allen Hamilton Is Bullish

Management consultant company Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) is scheduled to report their latest earnings numbers on Friday. Let’s check out the charts and indicators.

In this daily bar chart of BAH, below, I can see that prices are rebounding to the upside after a test of the rising 200-day moving average line. Trading volume declined in November and December as prices retreated and then volume increased strongly in the recent rebound to the upside – this is how volume should be moving.

The daily On-Balance-Volume (OBV) line is in a one-year rising pattern – a plus for prices. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) oscillator is below the zero line but has crossed to the upside for a cover shorts buy signal.  

In this weekly Japanese candlestick chart of BAH, below, I see a longer-term uptrend interrupted by a long consolidation pattern. Prices are trading around the 40-week moving average line.
The weekly OBV line has been in a choppy sideways pattern the past year. The MACD oscillator has crossed to the downside for a take profit sell signal.
In this long-term line chart of BAH, below, I can see a dominant long-term uptrend in the past 10 years. Without a top pattern visible, I would assume that this longer-term trend will continue.
In this daily Point and Figure chart of BAH, below, I see that prices have reached a downside price target in the $93-$92 area.
In this weekly Point and Figure chart of BAH, below, I can see a downside price target in the $71 area but a trade at $90 or lower is needed to refresh the downtrend.
Bottom line strategy: While the long-term trend of BAH is bullish I have no special knowledge of the upcoming quarterly report. No recommendation other than have a sell stop just below $90 if the report is bearish.