US likely to help revive Pakistan economy while Tehreek threatens to destroy Pakistan

Islamabad: The US State Department spokesperson Ned Price announced that the US is ready to help Pakistan to revive its economy. An additional $10 million has been allotted for flood-affected Pakistan. Hence Pakistan will be receiving $20 million in aid. The US would likely help Pakistan in getting a loan from International Monetary Fund (IMF), provided Pakistan allows airstrikes from its land on Taliban based in Afghanistan. In a video released, Tahreek warned Pakistan of going to war. It seems that the trigger for Tahreek’s threat is a backdoor collaboration between Pakistan and the US.


Despite the dwindling state of the economy, the US has promised to help Pakistan. Hence threats issued by Tahreek-e-Taliban do not seem to be just a coincidence. It appears that the US has given a specific contract to Pakistan. A few days ago, the US State Department representative Ned Price suggested that while the Tahreek continues to attack, Pakistan has the right to respond and, if necessary, can enter Afghanistan in retaliation. Pakistani media has taken note of this statement.

The US has made it clear to Pakistan that if they need assistance to revive the economy and security from the Taliban, then they must conduct airstrikes in Afghanistan. Pakistan is believed to have agreed to this and, under the pretext of action against terrorists, it will launch attacks in Afghanistan along its borders. In anticipation, the Taliban has intensified its terrorist attacks in Pakistan. Under these circumstances, a few claim that instead of resolving issues with the Taliban through dialogue, Pakistan is escalating the conflict by planning to launch airstrikes.

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned that the Pakistani government’s decision will have dire consequences as it will trigger a fresh string of terrorist attacks. Wali Mehsud, the leader of Tehreek, released a video to warn about creating a suicide squad armed with US weapons. Also, he warned the religious leaders of Pakistan to refrain from referring to Tahreek-e-Taliban members as terrorists.

Earlier, Mehsud reminded that Tahreek had mutually agreed to a ceasefire for one year with the Pakistani government, which was violated by Pakistan and led to a response from Tahreek’s side. Taliban has taken the recent collusion between Pakistan and the US is taken very seriously. Imran Khan has warned of attack to intensify in Pakistan. However, the present Pakistani government feels that they have no option but to accept the demands of the US to save its economy.